Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday, December 24, 2010

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Jennifer and Kevin's Wedding

Jen and Kevin were married in the Los Angeles Temple in May. Brad and I had to opportunity to attend. Thanks to Stef and Brad for coming to our house to watch our kids. We had a good time.

Stair Sliding

In Vancouver we had stairs. The girls loved to get empty boxes or the crib mattress and slide down the stairs it was so funny. So Brad decided to film them.

Wow, its been a while since I have posted anything. A lot has happened in our life over the past few months. In May we found out that after only 3 month of working in Vancouver that Brad was going to lose his job. It was a trail in our lives that we had to work through but, we are grateful for the opportunity that it presented. After realizing that Brad was no longer going to have a job in Vancouver Brad started looking for a new job. He applied for a Branch Manager for a credit union in Roseburg, Or which is only 1 hour from is parents home. He is currently working for Oregon First Community Credit Union. He is enjoying his job and I am so thank that he found a job 3 days after he was layed off at Total Merchant Concepts. We have realized the that are Heavenly Father is continuing looking out for us and we are so thank for for all the blessing we have received. We enjoy living in Roseburg it is a very beautiful place to be. There is a lot to do outdoors. We went camping with some friends a month ago and was able to go to a fish hatchery. We have spent a lot of time with Brads family. We have went on several riding trips and recently went to the horsefal dunes and rode all weekend. We had a great time. Sorry for such a long post but, wanted to update everyone. I will post lot of picture from are adventures.